Intimate Family Destination Wedding – So Happy Together

Ok, I love this venue. I loved it so much for this particular couple and their family to have an intimate destination wedding that they trusted me and stretched the budget to get it. It’s not only beautiful but also was the perfect size just for them to fill and be able to hang out there exclusively. It is in a stunning location and they could have the waterside wedding that the couple wanted.

This is a close-knit group and to be somewhat isolated was fine as long as they were together. In fact, where they had planned to go to the local pub after their delicious dinner at Screebe House, they opted to just stay in and chat taking advantage of the honesty bar. They were so happy together.

Have a look and the day and stunning scenery around Connemara, Ireland through the lens of Darek Novak Photography.


So happy for them! And thanks Darek for the beautiful photos!!

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