Fun Filled Family Day Full of Love

No one wants rain on their wedding day. Somehow though, a brief {but pretty heavy} shower of rain really united this entire wedding party even more than the bond they already had.

The friends and family were all there for the joyous day when their daughter/sister/closest friend married the love of her life on Inish Beg Island in Cork.

Eimear and Julie were getting married.

As their friends and families huddled together to keep out of the rain, the ceremony started and each of the girls walked into the ceremony with her mother to applause and happy tears from their loved ones.

At that moment, as they walked nearer their loved ones to make their vows, the rain stopped and the sun opened up. it turned into a wonderful day full of love, fun, family and friends.

Living in Denmark, it was important for Eimear and Julie to have a great family gathering back in their childhood home of Ireland and Julie had to be by the sea. Full stop so an island in west cork it was!

Nicholas Purcell photographed the day and I’m delighted to share the heartwarming and beautiful images here.

The girls knew a white wedding, and therefore white wedding dresses weren’t for them so, in their own alternative style, both decided to wear elegant long black dresses to mark the day. It complimented them beautifully and they stood out from their crowd, as well as in the forest!

The couple led their guests to the Boathouse for their reception dinner where we had set up the room with fun botanic garden touches.  Live pots of herbs dotted the wooden picnic tables, blue cushions were placed on each wooden folding garden chair. Guests poured their water glasses from real garden watering cans and blue and white tea towels were napkins. Plates of antipasti were shared and passed along the tables and lots of laughter filled the room.

It was a touching loving day and I’m privileged to be a part of it. I got help with the look from Jill Wild Flowersmith {love Jill!}, the cakes which were most important to Eimear were from Diva Bakery.

Again a big thanks to Nicholas for the photos and congrats to Eimear and Julie. It was such a pleasure!

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