Irish Island Wedding

Logistically having a wedding ceremony on a small Irish Island in the Atlantic Ocean isn’t the easiest but it is hauntingly beautiful and well worth the effort for the brave souls who choose it!

Leanne and Kevin did and they brought along their 17 guests {and one wedding planner 🙂 } for the afternoon too!

The couple stayed on the island the night before the wedding and got dressed and ready as their guests boarded the boat over to Aran Mor  from Galway.

Once ready,  they did first look photos and had plenty of time to roam around the island taking some gorgeous photos which were captured by the wonderful David and Laurie at Awake and Dreaming

Once their guests arrived, I guided them to the first location for the ceremony which was a holy well. Tradition has couples in love tying a ribbon on to the tree for eternity when Leanne and Kevin made their entrance together to their ancient Celtic Ceremony.

On to the abbey ruins for the rest of their ceremony which ended outside of the abbey at the marriage stone where you pass a scarf through a hole and wish the couple health, wealth and happiness!

The special day finished with a few more photos around the island before everyone returned to Galway City for a private dinner and pub crawl.

The whole day was a dream come true for Leanne, Kevin and their families and friends.

Yay!! And thanks to David and Laurie again!!

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