A Family Ceremony Away From Home

When Gabe and Bill decided to get married in Ireland, their wedding was still going to be all about the people closest to them. Just a family wedding ceremony away from home in Ireland!

The couple chose Killarney for their destination location. It has everything anyone could need for a wedding. Venues, scenery, friendly people and lots in the area for guests to do.

We did their accommodation and ceremony at Cahernane House. One of my fave locations. Then after they headed off to a pub for a private dinner and dancing. Fitting perfectly with the ‘fun but sense of occasion’ vibe they wanted.

The bride’s sister performed the ceremony which was so very special. There were happy tears throughout the ceremony and this is how the day looked as seen and captured by Sarah Knuth Photography.

The bridal party was asked to choose their own outfits using light blues to greys and touches of silver with spots of Navy to keep cohesive. Everyone looked amazing!

Pre ceremony, I just couldn’t get the guests to take their seats They were all so excited to see Gabe before she walked in. She didn’t mind at all and so had 2 grand entrances. One down the elaborate wooden staircase at Cahernane.

Gabe and Bill were such a joy. Always happy in the planning, delightful on the wedding day and  it all just could not have gone better.

Thanks to Emer at Cahernane House, Tricia O’Sullivan hair,  Georgina Mackessy makeup, the perfect flowers by Shades of Bloom .

Perfect family wedding day in Ireland.

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