Benefits of an Intimate wedding and micro wedding

We do a lot of intimate weddings. I think that is generally because of the nature of a destination wedding. Not everyone will make the effort to travel so it’s already a way to keep it small but there are a lot of benefits to having an intimate or micro wedding.

Moving forward, however, it’s likely that in this new normal of social distancing, with restrictions on larger gatherings, some family unable to travel to your destination wedding for preventative health reasons and even, equally financial constraints, intimate weddings may become the norm

But you know what?? They don’t have to be a compromise. In fact, just the opposite! There are plenty of perks and benefits of an intimate destination wedding. Like this one, we did at Ashford Castle for Amanda and Sean. It was fabulous!

Have a lookie below to hear why it’s a great idea no matter what your situation is!

Why you should have an intimate or micro wedding

I always ask our couples ‘Why Ireland’ or ‘Why have a destination wedding’ and often the answer is that they simply don’t like being the centre of attention. Not every couple wants the hype and attention that a larger wedding brings. Micro and intimate weddings allow them to be a part of the group as opposed to on the outskirts.

You will likely spend less. Without that big guest list, you likely won’t spend as much on food, drinks, favours and potentially on the location!

On the other side of that, you can spend more! But spend it on what you really want. Maybe you prefer to spend the same money on 25 people as you would for 100? Have a 5 course Michelin Star dinner and drink champagne all night. You can now afford to do that!

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Have an adventure together. Because you really do like your guests! They are your fave peeps! You can spend more quality time with them

Not be rushed. Smaller weddings are easier to move and more time flexible. I’ve had weddings where it’s raining at the time we are supposed to have our ceremony. We can tell everyone to have another drink at the bar and in 20 minutes until the sun comes out again. Easy peasy.

You don’t have to follow tradition. Your BFFs won’t judge you. Do what you like and not what you don’t. No cake? They won’t miss it! No first dance? Let everyone jump on the dance floor together.

Less stress. Many of my couples tell me after their wedding that the number of guests really added to their stress levels. Always asking what they should do, where they should go, and how to get from here to there. Generally, it’s easier to manage people’s expectations and convey messages.

You are surrounded by friends and family that you can engage with. They aren’t just looking at you from afar.

More personal touches. You can super customize or DIY more – hand write place cards or notes to each guest by way of a ‘Thank you for coming

No hard feelings. Putting a guest list together can be stressful too! With an intimate destination wedding you can say, ‘Sorry, it’s only close friends and family’ and actually mean it!

You don’t actually like being the centre of attention. Many couples don’t. It’s ok. With an intimate wedding, you are approachable and in the middle of the action.

More time with your photographer. Isn’t that what everyone wants at their destination wedding? Time to capture yourselves amid the epic scenery.

The people who matter most will be there. They will make an effort because they love you.

Photo by Mrs Red Head Photography

More range of interesting venues. Breakaway from the standard hotels. You can’t get 100 people to hope a fence to get to gorgeous castle ruins but your 25 friends and family will be happy to do that for you!

Have a more authentic destination experience. Fewer guests offer you all the opportunity to get into the real nooks and crannies of a location. You can’t just drop into a pub with 120 people for a drink. You can with 20.

All in all, it’s a more relaxed day, a less stressful planning process and so much more fun!

Who wouldn’t want that!!??!!

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