I thought I’d add a little sunshine into a dreary cold December day. How striking is this lovely sunny Italian engagement session by Irish Photographers, KOH Weddings!? Taken in an Italian Sunflower field and vineyard. Lovely. If you liked that be sure to head over to KOH website here to see their actual wedding in […]

Celebrity Engagement Rings

There are a few good reasons for this post on Celebrity engagement rings. One is that Kelly Clarkson just showed the world her fabulous yellow rock of a ring. – And I do think it’s fabulous, in fact I have one quite similar. Fake of course, but still……….. While I’m not necessarily big on celebrity, […]

Rose Gold – Trend Alert!

I’m loving it too! It’s rose gold. That’s rose gold in jewellery and Rose and Gold as colour schemes. Super elegant and classic but can look so antique – and it’s just lush! Here are some samples of Rose Gold prettiness. Have a gander at them and tell me you don’ t love this trend too. Shoes […]

A Dingle Engagement Session

Karen and Cian are a creative and funloving Dingle couple. Into art, music, and musicals, both Karen and Cian have said that they are fascinated by each other’s talents  “give Cian piano and I’ll listen to him sing for hours and he loves watching me paint!”. So poppiesandme styled a musically influenced { Dingle engagement } […]

Is A Sparkle Just A Sparkle?

A while back I did a post about a guy I met who proposed to his girlfriend with a cubic zirconia ring. Yes, shock horror! But wait, he only used it as a prop until they could go together to choose the real deal.  Anyway, while I was doing a bit of poking around and […]