Happy Yellow Wedding on an Irish Island

Ok, so this isn’t a wedding on a super sunshiny day but it was one of the brightest happiest weddings so full of love that I’ve ever done! Dee and Zarius live in London but she is Irish and he, South African. They chose Kerry because Dee’s mother was from here and she and her […]

IMOHO – Wedding Dresses

I think I’ll start a series on this. I’m not terribly controversial but I do have opinions {sure don’t we all}. You can choose To listen to them or not but if I do express an opinion it comes from experience. This one is on your wedding gown and there are a few things I’d […]

Oscar Style

Yes I love love love the Oscars. And even though I didn’t get to actually watch it last night {stupid TV channels!} I did stay up to watch the red carpet glamour and there was some serious fabulousness. There are 2 gowns that are my personal favorites and they couldn’t be more different. The first […]

Friday Photo – Epic Photos

I love this photo and had to show it for a few reasons. 1) I love epic photos. Big dramatic images with big sky and scenery. 2) It’s taken on the Dingle Peninsula. {a perfect place for epic photos} 3) It is one of Kate and Sean’s wedding photos and they are such a great […]

Bridal Bonzie

Fashion and style. That is what everyone wants to project on their wedding day. And you should! The new trend is be yourself and what is more yourself than your own fashion sense and style. So if you are looking for that little something a little different try Irish based {yea!!} Bonzie. For you and […]