Winter Cocktails

What a wonderful time of year to have a wedding! I know there are lots planned in the next few weeks and I thought to myself, what can I talk about to someone who is getting married really soon? Then I realized there was something I love, a great {and in my opinion necessary} addition to a wedding, and it’s never too late to organize….{wait for it}….. Cocktails! Winter cocktails, signature cocktails, sparkling cocktails and just simply yummy cocktails!

To me, a good cocktail has to look inviting as well as taste good. Especially if it is for a celebration, having a cocktail should feel special – and if you have too many, they can make you feel someone special!  😉

So here are a few to get you thinking!

The fist drink for your guests say “Welcome! Come in from out of the cold.” And the first though of course is

mulled wine slow cooker recipe

Get the recipe for this Slow Cooker Rosemary and Cranberry Mulled Wine here and the photo credit too! Another lovely warm drink to serve is a mulled cider .  Generally a little sweeter but you don’t get that horrible red mouth or tannin feel coating your mouth. Plus if it’s for a wedding, think less horrible stains if a drop is spilled! For the non drinkers, certainly a non alcoholic mulled cider can be made which makes the kids feel included too.

Want to go with a little something different? How about an Orange Bourbon Tea

If this is an at home party you are doing, definitely keep your warm drinks in the slow cooker. It just keeps it nicely warm without boiling or reducing the liquid.

So I know you were also thinking, don’t we greet guests with champagne or sparkling wine? Well, yes of course! I’m not going to tell you what to do. I’m going to give you options! So here are a few sparkling cocktails to get you feeling festive.

The obvious elegant celebratory drink is champagne and of course serve that! Lots of people are purists when it comes to champagne but if you want to mix it up a little, and I mean really. Step away from the orange juice, try some of these sparkling cocktails. Still elegant and full of celebration but with a yummy twist.

Red christmas champagne cocktail

How about a Sparkling Red Velvet? Get the recipe here and the photo by Tina Rupp. Or an Apple Bourbon Belini  or a refreshing Limoncello Raspberry Prosecco/

If you want to get straight into the spirit of things {pun intended!},

candy cane martini

That there is a Candy Cane Martini  and may I tempt you with a gin based Ruby Red Rosemary cocktail with honey and Grapefruit juice?  Because personally, I like the not very sweet drinks that would be right up my street. So would a Lavender Gin Gimlet.

Then wine with dinner of course and an after dinner drink. Something dessert ish maybe. You can of course do a classic Irish Coffee  or Bailey’s Coffee  but this is really tempting me right now.

Irish Coffee

I’m told it’s called a Blizzard. It’s Irish whiskey or rum, hazelnut liqueur, Irish cream liqueur, Hot coffee and whipped cream.

Guests may also just like straight forward after dinner drinks. I like simply Cointreau on ice but something like a Drambuie, Creme de Menthe or Brandy will do fine.

After all of that, your guests may need a something the next morning. Don’t worry! I have that covered too. There isn’t anything much better than a good Bloody Mary. This one sounds good to me!

Bloody Mary

For Christmas drinks, one of my favorite things to do is freeze cranberries and pop them into cold drinks instead of ice. It looks unbelievably festive and won’t water down your drink.

All in all, have a joyous and safe holiday season. Please look after yourselves and each other and don’t ever, ever drink and drive.

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