Where To Start?!

JJust engaged! Yippee!!

With Christmas and New Year’s just gone and Valentine ’s Day rapidly approaching, many luck girls have now found {or will find} themselves with a stunning new sparkly engagement ring on their fingers and the question. Where to start?!

Where to start diamond rings

After the overwhelming joy comes the overwhelming ‘OMG, what do I do now!’For those who are not able to meet with me, here is the first step to your planning timeline to get you going over the next month or so.

12 Months and before

  • Decide on your total budget and who is paying for what. If no one comes forward to offer financial assistance leave it out!
  • Gather approximate guest list and numbers. Be sure to ask parents for their essential guests.
  • Consider dates or at least seasons/ possible months that are favorable.
  • Think about your style, likes and dislikes and create a folder or inspiration board with cutouts and ideas. Discuss your priorities and what is important to you.
  • Make appointment with Aislinn Events or your local planner to discuss options, priorities, budget breakdown, logistics, planning steps and possibilities.
  • Consult with Aislinn Events or your planner for recommended venues and ceremony locations. Consider alternative locations too. Book them with deposits and signed contracts. Annie or your planner will keep copies of your contracts, deposits and payment due dates.
  • Choose responsible attendants and groomsmen. Responsible is the key word here. Do I have to add reliable?

I will post a blog every week now on the finer details of the points above if you would like to follow. It’ll be just like I’m right there with ya!

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