What I Stumbleupon

Yes, I cruise the net. Everyone does. I use it of course to keep up with all things wedding, inspiration for blog posts and just for fun.

A while back I found Stumbleupon which is a website you can sign up to, to find new websites on things you are interested in without doing a direct search. I like it because when I do a direct search for something I end up going off on another tangent totally! Basically when you sign up {for free} you choose your interest categories that you want to see on the web {for me it is weddings, food, Ireland and a few others}  and Stumpleupon will bring them to you randomly one after the other. You can tell Stumbleupon if you like something or not and it will continue to remember and refine your random searches. Try it just for fun!

This brings me to my ?real? post which Stumbleupon told me about. Letterfest.

Letterfest is a Devon based business where Wendy Harrison designs art and personalized gifts inspired by  letterforms and vintage typefaces. She creates custom unique gifts and gorgeous bits and bobs for the home in different materials, including paper, fabric, plastic, wood and stone.

She has a wedding section but many of her items can be incorporated into your wedding or given as great gifts. Here are a few of my favs.

Personalized prints with your {or your friends’} names

Pair or printslovely placenames

placenamesThese real wood tags are great for escort cards, placenames or wine charms with your guests’ names on them.

tagsLittle engraved stones again great for place names, favors or save the dates!


I would love to have one of these personalized wine/champagne boxes on each table as your guests sit for your outdoor, rustic or wine themed wedding. Let guests open the champagne themselves as soon as they sit down for POPs all other the place!



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