Week of Timeline

I am very technical this week!  but as mentioned I have a busy May with weddings so that is what is going through my head. So today I’m giving you a checklist. And an important one. The week of the wedding!

week of timeline

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Every bride gets a wedding planning checklist of what to do 12 months before, 8 months before, etc. {I even send one to my brides}. You can find them everywhere. Online, in magazines, I even do one, but OMG! The last two months before the wedding ‘Now where did I put that checklist?’

Here you go. This list is by no means everything and some of you will have more than others and some will have less, but use this as a guideline. You will also see where a wedding planner would be able to help if you hire one for the week of coordination.

One Week

  • Begin packing for departure to destination Wedding /honeymoon. That is on you!
  • Confirm all vendor arrivals and set up times. On me!
  • Put cash or checks in labeled envelopes for supplier’s final payments on the day and keep in a safe place. I can do that for you!
  • Organize all dresses to be steamed. Deliver and pick up. I can do that for you too!
  • Groom to have final haircut. Not me!
  • Meet with the venue to review and hand over final details, table plans, and numbers. Advise the venue on deliveries to make sure the room is accessible. Me!
  • Write or organize welcome notes and pack welcome gifts for your guests and drop at their accommodation. Me again!
  • Create and distribute wedding day timelines to all at the Wedding party. Including your mobile/cell number for any queries. I’ll do that and it could be my number!
  • Pick up foreign currency for departure to destination wedding/honeymoon.  Yup!
  • Give a honeymoon itinerary to the family with contact numbers in case of an emergency. Me again!
  • Confirm Rehearsal time and location with attendants and confirm numbers for Rehearsal Dinner My job!

Day Before wedding or on your arrival and destination wedding location

  • Check who has the rings. I will give them to the best man on the day.
  • Relax and enjoy a manicure and pedicure. This is your time!
  • Attend Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner. Give parents and attendants gifts. You have to be there!
  • Drop off final items at reception and ceremony venue and packed bags for honeymoon at the hotel. It could be me!
  • Organize breakfast and/or food and nibbles while getting ready in the morning. I do that!
  • Have an early night! This is up to you!

Day of Wedding{day of timeline}

  • Get up in plenty of time. I’ll make sure you are up.
  • Eat something before you get dressed. I’ll make you.
  • Worry about where the guys are and what they are up to. I have already checked in with them.
  • Be pampered with hair and makeup. Your time. But my phone is ringing!
  • Take deliveries of cake, flowers, and put down place cards and favors on the tables keep looking out the window for the wedding car. Oh, hold on! I’ll do that while you are getting pampered.
  • Remember to stand up straight. I’ll remind you.
  • Relax and enjoy it! If I’m there you can.

After the Wedding

  • Congratulations!
  • Attend any post-wedding parties or gatherings with family and friends. Because you have time and are relaxed.
  • Drop off gown at cleaners if needed and return hired clothes. Wouldn’t you rather be at the party? I’ll do that
  • Arrange bridal bouquet preservation if needed. I will recover bouquets.

Hiring a planner is well worth it when you look at it that way and that is only the half of it.

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