So much stationery and paper involved with weddings. Save the dates, invitations,  welcome letters, guest itineraries, guest activities, wedding day itineraries, mass booklets, menus, favors, thank you cards, did I forget anything?

How about a magazine? All about you? Well, I found a company that does this and they are Wedzines.

A Wedzine is a professionally produced magazine all about you. Either in a printed magazine or ezine, you can add your photos {your chance to be a cover girl!} your stories, how you met, what you like, how he proposed, details about your wedding location and what to do and where to stay, activities that are happening over the weekend, really anything you want to include. Have a lookie here at their table of content options:

– Thank you letter from the couple
– Our favorite things
– “Bride or Groom?” trivia
– The proposal
– When we knew
– How we met
– Our first date
– Bios on the happy couple
– Our pet peeves
– Our favorite photos
– Our childhood photos
– Our family backgrounds
– Our dream playlist (for music lovers)
– Our honeymoon plans
– Our favorite recipes
– Our favorite foods
– Our favorite trip together

– Wedding week events
– A guide to the city
– Bridesmaid bios
– Groomsman bios
– On the menu
– Our ceremony schedule
– About her dress

– Best wishes from mom and dad
– Best wishes from your brothers and sisters
– Best wishes from the groomsmen
– Best wishes from the bridesmaids
– Best wishes from your friends and family
– “Our favorite memories”? stories about you from your relatives and friends

– Table of Contents
– Thank you to vendors
– Our favorite religious verses
– About our church

It seems they can add anything you want so make it fun and get creative!

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