Wedding Villages

Wedding venues are shifting styles. We know that. Well, those of us who pay attention do anyway.

Things started in the typical hotel wedding {and actually most still are} then we see a shift to Castle venues {who doesn’t want to get married in a castle?}, to private manor houses. I’m not saying these venues are ‘out’, it’s just that I am seeing a lot of {what I will call} private wedding villages. And I love this idea, but then I love anything private and exclusive where you, your families and guests are all together.

What this is, is normally one big house surrounded by other cottages in either a courtyard or smaller community of other self-catering houses. So you get the whole property with its surroundings {and sometimes a pub} like a private little Wedding village.

Here are a few of my favorite examples.

Coolbawn Quay

Wedding Villages guest relaxing by the water

Photo by David McClelland

Nestled on the eastern shores of Lough Derg in North Tipperary,  it is built in the style of a traditional Irish village with rooms, suites or charming cottages and houses, scattered throughout the meandering streets and lanes of the village leading to the harbor. Have your intimate wedding in the Schoolhouse or a larger group in a marquee. See a full wedding on Coolbawn Quay by David McClelland here


Wedding Villages couple on a bridge all green

Photo by Aspect Photography

Not only a private village but a private island! In west Cork with beautiful woodlands, parkland, farmland, and gardens you can have your ceremony outside with reception for 65 in the Boathouse or more in a seaside marquee. Photographed by Aspect Photography

Clonabreeny House

Wedding Villages picture of a house and a gate

Photo by Christina Brosnan

in Co Meath, Clonabreany House consists of two magnificently restored Georgian houses, a beautifully restored courtyard with  10 cottages, a cozy private sibín bar, a banqueting hall catering for up to 60 people and a luxurious private bridal suite and Grand Marquee with bar, dancing and dining facilities catering for up to 220 guests. Christina Brosnan recently photographed a full wedding here.


Wedding Villages small pond beautiful sky

Photo by Brenda McGuire Photo

Also in Co Meath, Ballymagarvey Village is comprised of a substantial fortified country house flanked by a courtyard of beautifully conserved cut-stone cottages that once housed a working granary and flax mill. The courtyard cottages and mill buildings now provide luxury accommodation and a banqueting hall for private events. See the full wedding at Ballymagarvey here as shot by Brenda McGuire Photography

Something new to consider.

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