Wedding Signs

Ok, these are fun. Useful and fun and easy. Let your guests know what is happening where with wedding signs. I have done weddings where the venue has a member of staff {and even I have} to direct guests to the wedding ceremony, the drinks reception and dinner. Herding guests is not fun and the subject has come up a few times of people or friends asking me where to find them and how to make Wedding Signs irish road signs them. Both options are easy. For example I am having signs done up for one of my brides in the style of Irish Road signs. Similar to  this. a local printer is doing them on Corriboard for about 6.50 each. They will point the way to the Bar, Dinner, dancing and outside. Just to add a bit of information, fun and personality.

The possabilities are endless not just for directions but tell ’em who you are! Mr & Mrs, Bride & Groom, your names, anything!

Here are a few ideas you can make and I’ll tell you a few places to buy.

So to make, your very handy fiancee surely can rustle you up something similar to one of these:

craft hand painted Wedding Signs

From Once Wed

Wedding Signs hand painted nuptials sign

Photo from Stacey Kane Blog

You maybe handy with a paint brush yourself or have an artsy friend.

On Style Me Pretty

Wedding Signs hand made sign with ceremony in black and a white background

Found on Something Blue

groom and bride Wedding Signs

From Grey Likes

I said you can say anything! Try this,

From The Wedding Chicks

These next two are from  Debbie . The first is her from her own wedding which is fabulously fun {and I found it on Hi-Fi Weddings } and the second is a DIY sign {yes, DIY} .

So now to buy, as mentioned a printer can do one up for you like this:

By Rosie Parsons on Love My Dress

On Etsy

From Cox & Cox

So you see, you can go classic, vintage, shabby chic or anything that fits your style. Have fun and point the way!

PS I have collected these images over a long period of time. If I didn’t give credit I’m very sorry! Let me know and I will!

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