What a Wedding Planner Doesn’t Do

Often a Wedding Planner isn’t fully appreciated until after the wedding which is ok because I can understand that. The biggest part of our job is to make sure the wedding day runs smoothly and a couple won’t see how well the day has gone until afterwards.

What I find most difficult is the stuff I’ve done to make sure the day runs smoothly that I can’t tell the couple.

what wedding planners do

You see, it’s because we don’t tell you when something has gone wrong – or was in danger of going wrong that we are doing our job well.

Once, I didn’t tell one of my brides that the band she hired {but I did confirm!} hadn’t shown up. It just so happened that the band were meant to be set up before the ceremony so when I got there and they weren’t set up I immediately started phoning my contacts to look for them. Long story short their van broke down on the way and then they went to the wrong location. I was able to get them there on time and although they ended up playing acoustically, they were there and nobody knew the difference.

I never told her.

On other occasions, I’ve had a venue absolutely refused to use the tablecloths we had hired and were vital to the design because they thought that they were too long and just generally took issue with the set up we requested and had discussed in advance among other things. I’ve had them refuse to add place settings to a table when an unexpected guest arrived so just did it myself. And more.

Never mentioned it.

Even during the planning process, things don’t run perfectly smoothly but there is no reason to mention them.

Drives me crazy sometimes, but no. I don’t say it to my bride.

I’m so not looking for a pat on the back for all of that but want you to know that we, Wedding Planners, got your back. We are on your side and will fight your corner to make sure you get what you want and need. And while I will never recommend that band again or those venues, things, as I have described, unfortunately, do happen and it’s important {and very handy} to have someone on your side who has your best interest at heart and can keep it all running smoothly so no one notices.

I just thought I’d tell you that. Thanks for listening.

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