Wedding Hair – Loose and Fancy Free

The importance of wedding hair has {in my eyes} become so important to the overall bridal look it’s amazing. Girls are really looking and considering their hair with the same level of thought as the dress and jewelry.

Looser and lighter seems to be the look most girls are going for. Much more foot loose and fancy free.

Taylor Swift has been wearing this style of hair perfectly for quite a while. {She is so adorable!}

loose taylor swift up wedding hair{source}

Here is the classic french twist updated

wedding hair with a french twist{source}

Messy french twist wedding hair {source}

Not nessecarily the twist

wedding hair {source}

One of my brides found this one on The Small Things Blog

The Up side do

loose wedding hair Taylor again. {source}



Jessica Alba {source}

braided up style hair{source}

Half up


{source The Small Things Blog again}

That last one is my fave. Just looks really effortless.

And finally, for those of you who just can’t choose one,

Try one every day from 30 Hairstyles in 30 days!

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