Wedding Flower Trends

It was obvious what these look like but had to look them up to see what they were called {I’ve gotten pretty good with flowers but there are so many!}.  I thought surely they couldn’t be Cabbage Flowers. It seems they are. Ornamental cabbage and flowering Kale are similar to the stuff you’d have with your traditional bacon and mash but while they are edible, they aren’t as tender so really are for looks.

And look at how pretty they are!

flowering cabbage flower trends


Fitting in well in bouquets and arrangements with succulents and garden flowers, flowering cabbage has a great texture, color and rustic natural look.

Rustic cabbage flowers flower trends in rustic surrounding {source}

But still can be elegant {if a little quirky!} like how amazing are these?

bright mixed bouquets in green and blue and purple flower trendsPhotographed by Bobby Earle, you need to go over and see the whole wedding here!

And a few more examples and ideas for flowering cabbage

colorful cabbage floer bouquet flower trends


Photo7-Cabbage-Bouquet flower trends


wedding flowering trends on a wedding table

beautiful cabbage flowers in flower trends{source}

cabbage floral arrangement flower trends

Simple adorable. Who would have known?!?

Incidentally, don’t get flowering cabbage mixed up with a rose called the cabbage rose when speaking to your florist. They are 2 different things!



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