Wedding E-invitations

With this blog post, I feel a bit like a traitor, a turncoat – almost like I am cheating on one of my absolute favourite wedding items, the stationary.

What can’t be denied though is that you told me yourselves in my last survey of Irish brides,  that more and more of you will be sending out electronic or e-invitations to your guests? Whether it’s because you are going green, they are cheaper or you are just a digital age modern couple. but don’t just send out an email to your guests. Please. If you are going to do them electronically, do them stylishly and do them right.

Green Envelope does all of that with the heavy emphasis on going green. In fact, they donate a significant percentage of every sale to Mountains to Sound, a non-profit organization that maintains forests.

For you, there will be a choice of templates to customize with colors and fonts or a totally custom designed invitation along with help in wording the invitation.

Your guests will see an envelope addressed to them, have coordinating RSVP card where they can reply directly and see guest information or direction cards.

For you, you can keep track of your responses and know who opened them or not and of course get corresponding Thank You cards for after the wedding – and let’s not forget the Save the Dates. All easy peasy.

Here is a little look at a few of them

Wedding E-invitations - Aislinn Events

Wedding E-invitations - Aislinn Events

So how will you invite your guests?

{I have to say however PC it is to go green, I’m still a real paper girl. Maybe I’ll just have to donate to balance it out}

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