Wedding Color Palettes

I had started a series of these color palettes and how you can take just one color, change the accent colors and create a very different feeling theme. Well, I’m going to start doing another few starting now!

The first thing I do is go to and go to ‘Create’ then ‘Palette’ and a random color will come up. Don’t worry you can change it for your purposes if you like. You may want to take your wedding colors and play around with the accent colors and this is a really easy way to do it. ColourLovers then lets you add new colors, change hues and create what ever you are feeling inspired by.

Today, I randomly got a lilac color.   I’ll be honest, I’m not terribly fond of lilac or purples in general but I kept it on purpose because I wanted to show how you can take really any color and make it into a pleasing palette. – Plus, it was a random color and you don’t get to pick and choose something random do you?

Anyway, here are a few, what I think are, lovely lilac color schemes that you could use for your wedding.


liliac purple and blue wedding colors

Starting with the above, the addition of blues and extra purple tone creates a fresh spring feeling wedding color palette.

liliac purple and green and brown wedding colors

A little warmer here with the addition of wood and the creams, this color palette with the lilac purple is lovely for a fall or Autumn wedding.


liliac purple and pink wedding colors


Summer, summer, summer time… soft pinks, blue and fresh minty green cools down the lilac purple for a beautiful summer wedding.

My favourite would have to be the top one with the blues but it’s so easy to play with color. Don’t be afraid to add tones, texture and contrasting colors to your wedding color palette. Just try a few and create something  just for you!

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