Wedding Chairs

Most people don’t think too much about them, but I have a thing for chairs at weddings. I’m obsessed with chairs at weddings. They can complement the full decor and style so much I swoon with loveliness or irritate me so much I want to scream.

I think this obsession came from seeing too many horrible manky banqueting chairs and then, to solve the problem, too many {almost worse} ill-fitting, un-ironed, mismatched chair covers. Ok, it’s the lesser of 2 evils but chair covers are still evil.

Did I say that the opinions given here are my own? Please don’t be offended but I’m right.

Here, look, these are nice stylish chairs. See what a difference they make.

Start with Bistro style chairs which go so well with so many styles including the current rustic look.

bistro chairs weddingPhoto by Megan Sorel Photography  

Photo by Aneta Mak Photography via Style Me Pretty

You can go urban or garden with wire and metal chairs

wire and metal chairs Photos clockwise from top Our Aesthetic,  Wildflower Linens, Foreside Home and Garden

Mix it up. The chairs don’t all have to match but they should be in the same style.

mix and match mis matched wedding c

Left images from Jet Fete,   Anna Kuperberg via SMP

Don’t be afraid of mixing in a little colour either

colorful wedding chairs

Images source, Inspired by This, The Stir

If you are more the glamorous type, the clear perspex chairs or ghost chair could be your style

clear wedding chair

All in all, what I’m really trying to say is do something a little different. Mix it up and bring in your style. There ARE options for different kinds of chairs for your wedding out there and it can really make the difference.

Or you can just do the chair covers. How about these?

outdoor look chair cover

Get these from The Day Collection.

Just leave off the organza bow. How funny is that?

P.S. Some links to give image credit were lost so I apologize if you see an image here of yours and I did not link back. Just let me know and I’ll either take it down or be happy to credit where credit is due!

Right photo by Megan Sorel Photography left photo by Aneta Mak Photography

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