Wedding cake is often the centrepiece of the wedding reception so today I’m on about wedding cake toppers. You can go fun, floral or traditional, monogram or anything you can think of. Your choice of topper on your wedding cake is an artistic statement and the possibilities are endless. Think of the theme of your wedding, your personalities or style, hobbies or simply something you like. Here are a few ideas to keep you inspired: First up the floral. Tie your wedding cake into the floral decor of your wedding. This is a really easy way to add colour and is simply classic.

Photo by Yours By John on Junebug Weddings

Photo by Roberto Valenzuela on Junebug Weddings

Cake by Maisie Fantaisie

Cake by Maisie Fantaisie

The traditional. My mother always has her traditional bride & groom cake topper on display and I was fascinated by it when I was younger. There is a lot to be said for this tradition. Mom’s is very like this……

Photo by GH Kim on Junebug Weddings

Now….. put a fun twist on the traditional

By Cake Toppers Ireland

By Cake Toppers Ireland

In URAStarHouse’s shop on Etsy

Or how about this!!

Photo by Paul Morse on Junebug Weddings

Your style? your turn…. and birds seem to be popular….

Photo by Magda Lucas

Cake topper by kikuike’s shop on Etsy

By kikuike’s shop on Etsy

Photo by Jennifer Skog on Junebug Weddings

On Amy Atlas website

Or monograms. One of my favorites.

Photo by Aves photographic on Junebug Weddings

Photo by Karen Hill on Junebug Weddings

Milan Creations on Etsy

On Tricia Trisha 69’s shop on Etsy

All of the possibilities! For personal toppers in your likeness, order from Cake Toppers Ireland here!

Happy choosing!


Live, Love, Laugh and Dream!

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