Wedding Advice Saturday

Obviously having been involved with hundreds of weddings I’ve seen and experienced a lot, therefore, I can give advice on a lot of things.

Sometimes people take heed and sometimes they don’t but right now, I’m going to give you the best advice for having the best wedding day ever and for getting the best wedding photographs ever.

Be full of joy and love.


That is it.

Be full of joy and truly in love on your wedding day you will have the best wedding ever.

10468110_769736063048158_9092829928946362270_nPhoto by Darek Smietana Photography

It doesn’t matter how big or small your wedding is or how much money you spend. It won’t matter how great your dress looks on you, if the flowers are stunning, that you spent months choosing the venue or how your band had everyone up dancing all night. All that stuff if nice. Good for you for putting such an effort into your wedding day.

If you are joyful, your guests will reflect that and be joyful and have a joyous time with you. If you are truly in love it will be felt amongst your guests and penetrate your photos with beauty.

If you are not, they will not.

It’s such a simple thing but your wedding day will reflect what you radiate.

So shake off any stress, remember what you are there for and radiate joy and love. It really is all you need for the best wedding day ever.

PS you should have a look at Clare and Ryan’s joyous and full of love wedding photos over on Darek Smietana’s blog here.

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