Vintage Furniture Rentals in Ireland

A little while ago I did a blog post on vintage furniture rentals company, found, in America and did a little winging because we need something like that in Ireland. Well at the time I also said I may be on to something here and sure enough, I have them.

They are Historic Interiors, a film and television props hire a company that will hire props for wedding and wedding photoshoots. They are based in Lusk, Co Dublin.

So where do I begin? Firstly they don’t have a fancy website; in fact, they don’t have a website at all though I understand that may be in the works. What they do have is a warehouse full of furniture, props and everything you can imagine from every era and style. Sofas, chairs, soft furnishings, lamps, clocks, typewriters, suitcases, picture frames {full and empty} and quite a few fun and sometimes bizarre items.

Killian McNulty runs the place and is a world of knowledge on not only his stock but the eras and styles to create pretty much any look you would be going for.

I’ll show you a few photos and samples but please note a few things: I was there looking for some specific items and this does not even come close to the selection of items for hire. Also, they are taken with my phone so the photos aren’t the best. Lastly, I did hire some items from Killian for a wedding recently and they will arrive clean and ready to go.

Vintage Furniture Rentals storage shelves

Vintage Furniture Rentals old wooden filing cabinets

Vintage Furniture Rentals old mailboxes

Suitcases galore from retro to vintage.

Vintage Furniture Rentals old suitcases collage

Vintage Furniture Rentals old book shelf

Vintage Furniture Rentals old rusty typewriters

Vintage Furniture Rentals old copper pots and urns

Vintage Furniture Rentals old style tin

old milk urns

There is soooo much more than I could possibly show so contact Killian and tell him Annie sent you!!

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