Traditional Menswear

Traditional Menswear

Are tuxedoes on the way out? Morning suits, gone?Ā  I can’t really say. Everyone has their own style and their own sense of tradition. What I can say is that unlike other fashion they have not changed much in many {many} years.

I’ll cover the etiquette and rules with you here so you know how to break or bend them to suit {no pun intended} your style.

Super formal evening? White Tie – a black tailcoat and trousers worn with a white shirt, waistcoat, and bow tie, is still suitable and wonderfully elegant.

Traditional Menswear

Formal evening? Black Tie? The basic as we know it now tuxedo, with a black dinner jacket, trousers, bow tie, and white shirt. A white dinner jacket can be worn in place of the black for a wedding in the summer or in a hot climate. The cut of this tuxedo has changed with the times as has the shirt worn with it so be sure to get an up to date one if you are renting.

Traditional Menswear

Informal Evening? Dark suit? In general, a dark {black, charcoal or navy} suit is the best for this style of a wedding but you can be a bit more creative with a more relaxed style or accessory colors. I like this one because you can play with the cuts, tailoring, and accessories. Or your groom can have one made in a really classic cut and have it forever!

Traditional Menswear

Formal daytime? Morning Suit – A gray or black cutaway jacket, gray waistcoat, white shirt, gray-and-black striped trousers, and a striped four-in-hand tie or ascot. Again, we tend to play around a bit with colored accessories with this one.

Traditional Menswear

Semi-formal daytime? Morning Suit? As above but this time with a shorter Stroller jacket as you see here.

Traditional Menswear Photo Gentleman’s Gazette

So as I said, those are the rules. Nothing wrong with rules and traditions. Rules {that is Annie speak for etiquette} and tradition helps a lot of people to know what to do. Gosh, if there wasn’t tradition, what would you eat at Christmas or Easter? You would have to come up with something different to make every year! šŸ˜‰

I’ll show you some more fun {and real wedding style} options in menswear tomorrow!

Annie Live, Love, Laugh and Dream!

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