Tie it up

Let’s talk about men!

About half of my grooms are very involved and the ones that aren’t. Well, they aren’t. But whether they are into it or not, they should show a sense of style.

Bow ties are great for adding a personality to an everyday suit or funky tux. But if yours is like mine, he’ll need a little bit of help.

For example, this is no. And if I knew how to do the big red O with the line through it I would!

Tie it up

And this is a yes, please!

Tie it up

Here are a few more really good, fun and stylish options for men’s bow ties because a bit of geek chic is actually really on trend.  And I love them!

all from Laurent Desgrange

How about those! but do you know how to tie them?

Lastly, a note, I have had that great image of the groom and groomsmen for quite a while and didn’t index it properly. I know it was from a fab photographer so email me and I’ll totally give you credit.

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