The New Wedding Guestbook

Wedding Guestbook

While speaking to one of my brides yesterday, she asked if she should get a wedding guestbook. Initially, I suggested a wishing tree because she is having a very natural and organic style wedding but she is also an art therapist and while she loved the idea of a wishing tree and apparently uses something similar in her work, I am now thinking an art print guestbook may be nice for her. Still along the lines of her work and the couple both like the original art.

To do this simply get a large canvas and either let your guest freely decorate or you can mark out grids or a paint by numbers style template for them to follow. Like this:

The New Wedding Guestbook{Source}

And this:

The New Wedding Guestbook{Source}

Choose the colors you like {either your wedding colors or the color scheme for the room you may hang it in} and use proper paints or watercolors or even sharpies in various colors. Just fun.

A few other themed options could be

For a bookwork or librarian this journal I quite liked

Found on Etsy

Something similar but a yet more retro for the new little wife {bit tongue in cheek!}:

Found on Etsy

Having a rustic wedding or is the hubby to be handy with the carpentry? Have your guests sign a  wooden plaque or put well wishes in a box:

Ummm. Also Etsy

for an outdoor wedding or beach wedding, collect a few stones for your guests to sign:


You can also do quilt or crafting squares of fabric or like this lovely summer Southern wedding, handkerchiefs for your guests to sign and hang.



Love Annie…

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