The M- word. Budget

Money. Nobody seems to like talking about it but it is essential. If you are one of those rare brides who does not have to look at price tags then you can stop reading here but for everyone else, brides and vendors alike, please keep reading.


I reckon there are 3 types of brides when it comes to money. Bride #1 only cares about the price of something. Bride #2 cares about the price but knows her priorities and her budget. Bride #3 is the one mentioned above who has stopped reading this post.

So here is what I say to each of the bride types:

Bride #1 – Of course you need to know how much things cost but please do not choose your vendors, venue, and service suppliers on cost alone. The value of their services is not only at their price. They need to be a good fit and choice for you, your finance, your families and your guests.

Honestly, would you go around boasting that you have the cheapest venue, florist, wedding planner, photographer, etc? Don’t worry, if you have chosen your suppliers on price alone you won’t have to boast about them being the cheapest. They will all notice.

And please read this article by Super Wedding Planner Sasha Souza, You Can Always get it Cheaper.

Bride #2 – Good girl! You know what your budget is. You know you might DIY a few things and spend more on the items that mean a lot to you and your fiancé. Build a good relationship and keep in contact with your suppliers, thoroughly read through your contract or booking form and pay your deposits on time. Because you have chosen your vendors, suppliers, and venues with care and have discussed your likes and dislikes with them, you know that they are passionate about what they do and what they want to do their best for you too. You will have a beautiful wedding.

Bride #3 – Why are you still here?

And Vendors, not all brides are Bride #1 and will immediately come out with “how much do you cost?’ but that doesn’t mean that she is bride #3 either so don’t be afraid of telling her your prices – you are worth it! Be clear what you can do for a bride for ‘ € X’ amount and what you can do for her for ‘ € Y’ or ‘€ Z’ amount. Then let her choose the option of which she wants. You may be pleasantly surprised because if you have gotten far enough to discuss style and what you have to offer, then she obviously likes you enough to stay on the phone or at the consultation.

I will nearly always know my bride’s budget but I also know girls who do not have a planner that is not getting straight answers. On my last wedding {which, I was only coordinating the Day Of}, my bride actually said to me about her hairdresser ‘he hasn’t told me a price.’,  that the hairdresser said they could ‘sort that out later.’  And another supplier said to me, as she was preparing to send on a proposal, I don’t know how if I should ask her for a deposit? I said, absolutely do!

Money is not a dirty word. It is an essential thing in life {and in weddings}. As they say, ‘money doesn’t bring you happiness’. What it does is bring you freedom and choice and only once you have discussed it will you know if you are a good choice for each other.

Annie Live, Love, Laugh and Dream!

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  1. Yes yes yes! You have to do a Value chart — what is important to you. There are so many ways to look at value. And anyone can do “cheap” — and look cheap. Yuck. I

    I was ran events for a number of companies and for the Poetry Society in LA, before I became a vendor. And, I worked for one of the top caterers in Hollywood. THe key is always to go for sumptuous, elegant and/or dramatic. There are tricks. Do it with flair. Be bold. Always know what your budget is and what gives more value, and what is not going to be important, in the long run.

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