The Fabric of Your Life

You would often find me trawling through fabric stores for the perfect print or color or texture fabric to make table runners, backdrops, wrap around candles or cans or jars or just anything! And when doing that in Ireland I have to compromise most of the time. It may not be the exact color, the perfect weight or pattern but mixie matchie is in right? {thank god!} But it’s still frustrating.

I had no solution until now. Print your own fabric on Spoonflower. Yes! create your own pattern Whatever you want in whatever color you need! Are you with me here?? Do you see how revolutionary this could be??

Your fabric design can be a digital photograph, a scanned piece of artwork or drawing or graphic design created in Illustrator or Photoshop as long as it is in digital form you can upload it and create your pattern. Then you can choose what type of fabric to have it printed on. Choose from silks, a variety of kinds of cotton, knit, heavier upholstery fabric and more.

You can also shop for quirky fabrics that have already been created by many creative people and are ready to go. Each Designer has a shop so if you like their style you know where to find more. And the fabrics are divided into categories {yes, vintage is one} and then color.

Here are some fun ones

1800’s Alice in Wonderland by Ophelia

Retro Television or

and Cassette Tape by Dorolimited

A library backdrop for your photo booth by Doodle and Hob

more traditional by Allroundnovice

a little whimsical by HeatherDutton

One more because I gotta stop. {but I could go on and on!}

how great would this be behind a desserts display! By SammyK

So fabulous. The name again folks is Spoonflower and I suggest you get your creativity going and get over there. Seriously whatever your theme, whatever your style if you can’t find the perfect patterned fabric here for whatever you want, you can still make one! Absolutely love this!

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