Techie Wedding Planning – QR Codes

The move into all of this smartphone and techie stuff hasn’t has been easy for me but, oh my gosh are people embracing it! Like grabbing it all with both hands! Where do they find the time!?!

The latest for people with smartphones is QR {Quick Response} codes. You have seen these and if you haven?t, you will start to notice them all over the place. They are basically bar codes with any kind of information you want to be encoded in them.

I have one and if you have a scanner {available as a free app} on your phone you can get all of my details in one place. That is my contact details, social media info and twitter feed, bio and website. Go ahead, try it!

Aislinn Events qr codesBasic ones like the above are free. I got mine from QR scan but you can get much fancier ones with bespoke colors on other sites.

Do you have an idea where I am going with this now? Yes, for your wedding.

Pre-wedding ideas would be to use them for Save the Dates, to direct guests to your wedding website, to RSVP or even direct them to pre-wedding parties and maps to ceremony and reception locations.

At the wedding, put them on the menu to give all ingredients, or the wine to tell why you chose it or more about the variety, direct them to a music playlist, ceremony program, order of speeches, table games, a video or slide show of the two of you.

After the wedding use them on thank you cards and/or to direct guests to your wedding photos.

Here are a few examples from QReate & Track

The possibilities are endless! Seriously. QR codes are unsurpassed for accessing information easily but you can use them practically and for fun.

I’ll definitely be having one designed for my next business card batch. Wonder if they work on letterpress???

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