Wedding E-invitations

With this blog post, I feel a bit like a traitor, a turncoat – almost like I am cheating on one of my absolute favourite wedding items, the stationary. What can’t be denied though is that you told me yourselves in my last survey of Irish brides,  that more and more of you will be […]

A Few of My Favorite Trends

How easy I am, pleased. My husband may argue that, but give me a simple little thing like a paper tag or label and I get really excited.  As I think about it now, does that actually mean I am easy to please or just simple? Anyway, the humble little tag. I love em! You […]


So much stationery and paper involved with weddings. Save the dates, invitations,  welcome letters, guest itineraries, guest activities, wedding day itineraries, mass booklets, menus, favors, thank you cards, did I forget anything? How about a magazine? All about you? Well, I found a company that does this and they are Wedzines. A Wedzine is a […]