Friday Photo

Yea, it’s been a while but I still love beautiful wedding photos and I know where to find them! Checking in with Junebug Weddings as I do, I saw this photo by Scobey Photography who are based in Atlanta {USA} and I have been following on Twitter and Facebook for some time. Somehow I missed […]

Friday Photo-Birdcage Veil

Since I am in a bit of a vintage mode I thought this photo would be nice for this Friday. I love the lighting and of course I love her birdcage veil. Shot by Bob & Dawn Davis in Chicago, who are a pretty cute couple themselves, again I cheated a bit and got this […]

Friday Photo

totally admit that this Friday Photo is a bit of a cheat because I went straight to Junebug Wedding’s Best of the Best Wedding Photos of 2010 to find one. Easy peasy because there are sooooo many fabulously stunning photos there. I love Junebug Weddings because {you all should know by now that} I love […]

Friday Photo – Timeless

s many of you may know, in my next life I want to be a photographer. Because I am so happy with what I am doing now {planning weddings, of course} it seems I will just have to wait until then. However my appreciation of great photography certainly can be, and absolutely is, enjoyed in […]

Always Look Up-Lighting

was ashamed of myself at the weekend. I was meeting with one of my couples and the florist and as we did the walk around of the venue, the groom looked up. He said ‘can we have something hanging down from the ceiling?’ I couldn’t believe that I had left it to the groom to […]