Rose Gold – Trend Alert!

I’m loving it too! It’s rose gold. That’s rose gold in jewelry and Rose and Gold as color schemes. Super elegant and classic but can look so antique – and it’s just lush! Here are some samples of Rose Gold prettiness. Have a gander at them and tell me you don’ t love this trend too. Shoes […]

Glove Love

When I think of gloves I think of the 80’s. You probably aren’t as old as I am so may not have those Madonna flashbacks. I hope you aren’t getting 80’s flashbacks because I am talking more Jackie Kennedy than Madonna, and lace and even fingerless can be done with great style if done in […]

My Favorite Things

I love doing these posts because there are so many fun and crafty things out there that just need to be used. Often you find them in strange places but they are so perfect for weddings. We all look at lovely blog posts with great DIY itmes and think ‘well where do you find that??’ […]

Summer Camp Wedding

This is just about the most super creative and personal wedding I have seen in, gosh, I don’t’ know how long. Ever maybe? Let me set the scene. This is Trishia & Justin’s wedding with all of the details perfectly captured by Jodi & Kurt {totally adorable in their own right} of Jodi Miller Photography. […]

The Garter

Some say the garter tradition originated back in the 14th century. In parts of Europe the guests of the bride and groom believed having a piece of the bride’s clothing was thought to bring good luck. But there are other stories about guests following the bridal couple to bed and using the garter as proof […]