Bridal Party Roles and Responsibilities

You might already have a good idea about who you will be asked to fulfil the different Bridal Party Roles but as with anything related to your wedding don’t make any snap decisions. Choosing the wrong person can cause quite a lot of grief. We all have heard stories of the unhelpful groomsman and self-centred […]

Aisling & Peter’s Manor House Wedding

The relationship between Aisling and myself started out normal enough; inquiry, going through details of what I do and what she needs, but before I was totally hired, she text me a photo of the shoes she was just about to buy and I thought “I like this girl!” The other great thing about both […]

Wedding Day Timelines

This is a post I put up a while back but because I have had a busy week doing very detailed timelines for 2 upcoming wedding, I thought it was apt to put out there again. I hope you enjoy it again if you read it the first time around! One of my brides was […]

Rhapsody in Purple

A winter wonderland in purples and silvers. That is what Lisa wanted for her wedding last February at Kinnitty Castle. Mission accomplished I think! Lisa and Shane are such a fun couple and Lisa was so organized that is was pure pleasure to work with her, as she showered her guests with favors and personal […]

How To Be A Good Bride

So you may think you have this down pat. What could be easier? You are not a Bridezilla so you must be a good bride right? I had a bride a while back. I don’t think ever I have had as much correspondence and changeups. She was a handful. But you know what? On the […]