Tabletop Garlands

Weddings are getting a little more lush again. The vintage trend was great. It was sweet and served its purpose during the downturn of the economy allowing us to upcycle items, reuse things and quite simply make them beautiful and useful again.

We then moved into a more rustic feeling which is still definitely on trend but even the rusticness is getting a little blingier now. {By the way, we have our own dictionary in the wedding world so rusticness and blingier are real words.}

On the topic of tablescapes, the change has pretty much gone from clusters of flowers in jam jars or other vintagy items like this:

vintage wedding table flowers Tabletop Garlands

 photo by Ashley Marshall Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic

Or this

vintage wedding table Tabletop Garlands

Photo by William Innes Photography via The Wedding Chicks 

to these more full, lush, rustic and glamorous table garlands …..

rustic full table garland wedding in a Tabletop Garlands

 Photo by Aster & Olive via Green Wedding Shoes  

wedding table runner garland  Tabletop Garlands

Tabletop Garlands

 Photo by Rachel Moore via Southern Weddings 

glamorous table garland flowers wedding Tabletop Garlands

 Photo Jamie Lauren Photography via The Wedding Chicks

Do you want to go super uber lush and glamerous?? try a fully floral table runner like this. Wow. 

lush glamorous floral table runner garland

Photo Amaryllis Designs

Personally I’m loving this new lush and full look and if you can’t afford the full florals like the image above, use some beautiful greens. Just keep it full and flowing down each end of the table to ensure the complete garland feel on the table top.

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