Sunday Shoes – Vans

I’m heading home to LA shortly for a bit of a holiday and as that always brings some nostalgic feelings, thought my Sunday Shoes should reflect that.

So, Vans.  Yes, Vans were the ultimate essential must-have shoe when I was aged 11. Even then you could mix and match and create the perfect personal shoe. I had a few pairs, mainly the classic style but my pride and joys were a pair of black suede slip-on Vans that I had the shop make as exactly specified by me. {obviously my shoe obsession started earlier than even I would have thought!}

You can imagine my delight when they started coming back into style. I’ll have to ask my mom if my old suede ones are anywhere in the house. If not, they are on my list of must-buys while I am home. And I think I’ll stick to the classics.

Sunday Shoes - VansBy the way, I don’t want to mislead you. I was not a skateboarder. I have been on a skateboard and could do it but I was not ‘a boarder’. I just liked the shoes.

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