Sunday Shoes – Shoe Clips

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Sunday Shoes post. I do miss them. Today though I thought about bridal shoes and how you can wear your favorite pair on your wedding day making them extra special by glamming them up with a sparkly or fancy shoe clip. They are super easy to find {there are loads on Etsy where I found all of these}, they are inexpensive and can totally glam up,  doll up and transform an inexpensive pair of shoes or a pair you may already own and love


Sunday Shoes - Shoe Clips white feather

Sunday Shoes – Shoe Clips


wedding feather Sunday Shoes - Shoe ClipsSource 

pearl and bow Sunday Shoes - Shoe ClipsSource

cream pompom Sunday Shoes - Shoe ClipsSource

And for bridesmaids, pick a color of shoe clip. Pick any color!

colored bow shoe clips bridesmaids Sunday Shoes - Shoe ClipsSource 

I think I should get me a few to dress up a pair of my wedding day work shoes. Too cute!

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