Sunday Shoes 2

Occasionally I’m going to keep going with my Sunday shoes posts simply {and selfishly} for my own pleasure but you may see something you like too.

Today in honour of winter {still} and my getting caught out waaaaay too many time without proper footwear {I can’t help it. I prefer unpractical shoes} I thought it was time to find something practical and pretty. Though even saying practical shoes makes me think I’m getting old. We won’t go there.

So I’m loving these pretty Duck Boots by Top-Sider and found on J. Crew.

Duck boots are a little warmer {and I think more stylish} than Rubber Wellie boots but still perfectly waterproof. And do you know why they are called Duck Boots?? The upper section of the shoes are made using water repellant fabric called, duck cloth canvas and bottom has rubber sole. So it’s quite obvious it’s meant for rainy season {only fit for ducks} and known as Duck Boots!

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