Stunning Winter Castle Wedding

Stunning Winter Castle Wedding

bride outside winter castle wedding Winter Castle Wedding

Now, I am so excited to show you Edith and John’s wedding. I had such fun with them and from our first meeting, there was just a great bond. I had to get used to John’s sense of humor {he suggested a Metallica tribute band immediately – still not sure if that was really a joke} and step up to Edith’s fabulous style {she is fabulous} but I think we ‘got’ each other.
So I can honestly say it is probably the best wedding I have ever been to. Not because it was one of mine, and only partially because Edith and John are such a great couple, but mainly because everyone there obviously adored this couple and each other. There was such a wonderful bond between them all and so much warmth and joy {and fun!} in the room.
You can look at the photos and say, of course, it was a fabulous wedding. The venue, Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort, was stunning and the bride and groom were beautiful but most importantly they took care in inviting the really special people who are closest to them to their wedding and not everyone they have ever met. Just brilliant.

I want to give credit of course and at this point, it is fitting to mention David Lavery who took these great photos.

winter castle wedding collage pictures of adare manor Winter Castle brides room deep red flowers and gown hanging up Winter Castle Wedding

Edith and the girls got ready in one of Adare Manor’s amazing suites in a relaxed atmosphere with the help of a few bottles of vintage Dom Pérignon.

Alana Clohessy did all of the girls make up for the rehearsal and on the wedding day and touch-ups before dinner. She was just brilliant and Edith was crazy about her. All of the girls have their hair done by Edith’s friend and guest at the wedding, Darren Varnam from Solos Hairdressers in Nottingham.bride getting ready for big day winter wedding everyone getting ready for the weddingEdith’s white fur lined wedding coat was stunning and made especially for her. The girls wore Vera Wang.

After the ceremony Edith and John greeted all of their guests coming out of the church with Giggles the clown {I hope you recall my mention of their sense of humor} and she even went down to the pub with the bride & groom and all of the guests. I love the shoe shot! It’s not your average bride’s shoes shot.

As the guests were called into dinner, Edith snuck away for a dress change into her fabulous  Junko Yoshioka Gown. We had to get a few shots of John seeing her for the first time in this!

Simply fabulous. And thanks again to David Lavery for letting me show off!

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