Saturday Quickie-Guest Accommodation

Hiya! I know, I know. It’s been a while. Something came up that I thought I’d drop into a Saturday quickie blog post.

It’s about wedding guests accommodation and reservations.

I always recommend to my couples that they stay as far away as humanly possible from their wedding guests’ accommodation requirements. Not everyone listens and some couples, sadly, don’t have a choice. But it is a minefield. The changes, the special requirements and {I hate to say it but} very often, the hotel just doesn’t get it right anyway. It’s an awful and stressful detail to have to sort out the week of your wedding. You have so so many better things to be doing. Like getting a massage for example! Doesn’t that sound better?

Guest Accommodation

Here is exactly what one of my brides said recently “There has been so much hassle over these bloody rooms. Note to self – never book a wedding and arrange the guest accommodation!!!!! It has easily been the thing that has caused the most stress, aggravation and arguments!”

That’s all. Is that enough to convince you?

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