Saturday Quickie -A Wedding Planning Gift

We all know how satisfying it is giving great gifts. They make the receiver so happy and I have talked about wedding gift registries, bridesmaids gifts and lots of all kinds of pretty things to give as gifts.

hired as a gift{source}

When giving gifts it’s always nice to think a bit outside the box {no pun intended} and give something either useful or really lovely and thoughtful. I actually gave my best friend fresh flowers delivered to her house once every month for a year after their wedding day. I thought that was quite nice. Another nice idea could be me. Literally – me. As a wedding planner. – Not arriving at her house with a bow tied onto my head, but a real live wedding planner to be there for her on the wedding day. I have been hired as a gift before and the bride couldn’t have been more delighted. In fact after the wedding my bride said “I will be ever indebted to my sister and her husband for what transpired as the best present imaginable.” Aw shucks, me? I was delighted {and the wedding was fab!}. We can talk about what I can do within your planned gift budget for your favourite couple, or a small group of thoughtful guests can chip in together so I can help take more of the pressure off of the bride to be. A great gift idea and you won’t even have to wrap me it!

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