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Today’s Saturday Quickie post is about hiring your suppliers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it forever, if you hire the right professional suppliers it will make your life, your planning and your wedding day sooooo much easier.

Hiring the right suppliers means talking to them about you. What you want,  what you’d like and what they can do for you.

What I’m talking about specifically today, is samples images on suppliers websites.

When shopping for creative suppliers like florists, makeup artists, hairdressers and wedding planners, and you look at samples of their work,  you need to keep in mind that those images are a sample of previous weddings where that supplier is doing what that bride asked for.

Like you want this:


But the hairdresser’s website is full of this


It may not be your style and probably isn’t that supplier’s own style either but they have done what that bride asked for and that is the most important thing. It also means that you will have to speak to that supplier to make sure she or he can do what YOU want and what your style is. If they are resistant, say they can’t do it or try to steer you into something else {unless it’s just giving advice} then walk away and find someone else who ‘get’s you’.

The value of a service isn’t always in the price and you won’t get your full value out of any one of your wedding suppliers unless you have conversations and talk things out with them!

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