Saturday Quickie – Floral Prices

Personally I think flowers are essential to a wedding. Not just for the bride to carry down the aisle but everywhere from on the tables {of course}  to in the ladies room {it’s all in the detail}.

I also know budgets can be tight {believe me, I know!} but I also think it’s important to be realistic with your budget, to know where your money is going and why things cost as much as they do. Below is an example. It may be an extreme example but it’s a good one.

So you love the look of beautiful lush tall floral centrepieces and must have them. You go to the florist and show her this.

Saturday Quickie - Floral Prices

Do you think that will fit into your budget? Dunno. How much would that cost then?

Before you answer I will say that it is a Preston Bailey design.

Ok. Now you can see how much it is and why here in Preston’s own words.


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