Everyone knows what RSVPs are for and we try to make it so easy for guests to reply with a self addressed and stamped envelopes. A lot of thought goes into them. RSVPs basic invitation

Have you thought about what they say?


__Will attend
__Will not attend


The favor of a reply is requested
on or before May tenth
__Accept with pleasure
__Decline with regret

Perfectly acceptable and normal. But if you know me, I like to shake things up a bit. Add a little personality.

My own invitation RSVPs said:

__ Will be there with bells on

__ Won’t be there. Bells or not

__ What’s all this about bells?

It was a bit of fun. Similar to this:

RSVPs with bells

This isn’t mine but funny enough I got married in Oct ’04


Here are a few more………..

__Can’t wait!  __Can’t come!

__ Dancing shoes ready   __ Dancing shoes staying in the closet

___ Absolutely! Can’t Wait!!   ___ Bummer! Can’t make it.

__ Heck yeah  🙂   __ Oh man 🙁

RSVPs circus invitations


Theme your RSVPs

Monopoly anyone?   __ Collect $100 and Pass Go   __Stuck in Jail, Lose a Turn

Computer geeks?   __Site Found  __ Error 404

Like Rally cars?  __ Full Throttle   __ Out of Gas

Surfer?  __Totally Dude    __Bummer Man

And I came across this Mad lib style one too……


We are __________(adjective) to hear about your upcoming nuptials!

______________(Your Name(s)) is/are ___________(adjective) to _________(attend/miss) the celebration. There are ________(number) people in our party.

Don’t forget you can use your RSVP cards for other nice things.

Ask your guests to send on favorite love poems or recipes or even marriage advice that you can put together into a book and give as favors, get their song and music requests in early or find out any dietary requirements.

See how much more interesting an RSVP can be???

And credit to the girls on boards for some of the fun suggestions.

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