retro 3d fun- Viewmaster 3d

These give me flashbacks to my childhood. You too? Or am I just aging myself? But what a fun thing. I want one so badly right now it hurts!

Image 3D has regenerated the Viewmaster 3d with full personalization. No longer just a reminder of your trip to Disneyland, you can use YOUR Photos, choose your own colour with any Pantone code, and put a logo or monogram on the actual viewer and/or on the disk AND packaging.

199261_10150107189314157_639234156_6443195_1282731_nps_classic_viewer_icon2viewmaster 3d

So imagine what you can do with them for weddings? One or two at your photobooth or guestbook would be fun, but what about one per table? Save the dates???? That would be fabulous!ps_classic_viewer_icon3

You know how you have named your tables after places you have been? Well put your photos taken at that place on a disk with a viewfinder at each corresponding table.  Get them as gifts for your bridal party full of images of themselves at your wedding.

ps_gift_box_icon3 viewmaster 3dFor wedding professionals. Do I even have to tell you how you can use this for marketing? Put your brochure on one! Do you do Wedding shows? Take one or 2 with images from your portfolio and I guarantee you the brides will be there in droves!

viewmaster 3dviewmaster 3dOr what about as a gift to your couple after the wedding as a ‘Thank you’ with images of their wedding.

Oh yes, I love these. WANT one!

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