Rainy Day Weddings

The weather has certainly changed and it is time to snuggle up and prepare for winter. Or at least the rain.

If it rains on your wedding don’t worry. If you are planning a wedding anytime in Ireland you have to prepare for rain. A good brolly for in and out of the church and photos and you’ll be fine.

Here are some fun and pretty ones all from Brollies Galore.

Here comes the Bridal Brollie:

Rainy Day Weddings beige white classic brollyNot your basic black:

Rainy Day Weddings cool brollys with different designsClearly good fun!:

Rainy Day Weddings clear brollies great for photos Add a bit of color to brighten up the day:

A little bit of Vintage:

A bit of bright and sparkly:

And I must say I thought they were very reasonable!

So don’t get down if it rains on your wedding day! Look how bright and cheerful you can make it!

Love it Annie…

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