Looking Back after the Wedding Day

I’ve often wondered what happens after the wedding day. Of course I get the lovely thank you letters with all went great but sometimes there are the thoughts like ‘Oh, I wish I’d done this….’ Or ‘I wouldn’t do that if I had a do over.’

What are your priorities? What will you not compromise on?

Well, Saundra Hadley of Planning Forever Events in Indiana, USA asked her brides that question and here are these bride’s anonymous answers to what they would change about their wedding.

Bride regrets Priorities-I Wish

Courtesy of Planning Forever Events Blog

  • My wedding was 1 1/2 years ago, but I wish I would have interviewed more photographers. My photos weren’t the best.
  • I would have danced more and not worried so much about family drama.
  • Broken traditions. I didn’t think outside the box on anything. Biggest thing would have been to have it outside, not church.
  • Had a handler for my MIL. I would have had someone passing out a midnight snack as guests left.
  • I wouldn’t have skimped on photographs!
  • I wish I hired a wedding planner for at least the day. Too much going on and I stressed!
  • I would have hired a videographer, and I would have left more time for pics of just me and my husband,  sans bridal party.
  • I wouldn’t have changed a thing about mine! Unless, I could have controlled the weather
  • I would have changed one of my bridesmaids & I would have got a better cake.
  • I would of chosen a different groom.
  • Gotten 2 photographers…have one of hubby getting ready! Also I think I would of chosen my bridal party slightly different.
  • Oh wow ONE thing? I wish I had a BETTER planner. That would’ve taken care of a few things, things I wish had been different!
  • I am not recently married, it’s been 3.5 years, but I would have hired a better photog. I don’t really like the pictures I got.
  • I wish we had chosen a navy pintuck linen instead of navy cotton w/ runner.
  • I wish I had hired a planner instead of trying to do it all myself!
  • Not use husband’s cousin for flowers. Didn’t listen—flowers not as expected. Caution with family-creates for sticky situation!
  • I would have hired a dj or band.

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