Pretty Parasols

I have been thinking of doing a post on umbrellas for quite a long time now but thought I?d wait until the winter when it was more appropriate. However with the weather as warm and sunny {yea!} as it has been and with me planning an outside wedding for this time next year, it got me thinking about parasols. They are a fun, whimsical and practical way to add flair and solve a problem. Anyone who may have had an outside wedding {or even drinks reception} here over the last few days with the sun really beating down could have used parasols and fans to keep their guests more comfortable.

I?ll begin my inspiration with this fabulous wedding California that I have been holding on to for a long time.  I love the fashion of it {the dress was designed and made for the bride} the colors and the style; and the bride and her maids made a fantastically dramatic entrance.

So that was my fav but here are more great photos for inspiration and then I’ll tell you where to get them.

Source: James Carson photography

Source: Yervant

Source: Natalie Moser photography

Source: One Wed Blog

Source: Junebug Weddings

Now, where to get them

These are from Pearl River and come in traditional paper and bamboo or you can get nylon.

or Pamela’s Parasols does not only pretty colors but monograms and personalized parasols.

Both companies do fans too which are great for all of your guests and girls!

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