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I’m always trying to find new fun and stylish items of all kinds for my brides and of course when I really need something it can be a scramble to find what I want. Once I get my mindset on something I cannot rest until I have found it so maybe and hopefully Premier Packaging can help a little bit. They do all kinds of pretty packaging and wrapping and can personalize many items too. From plastic bags to burlap sacks, raffia to ribbon there is lots here to stylize up your wedding. Have a look.

pretty packaging clear mini paint tins

I love these clear mini paint cans. Use them for your sweets table, use them for flowers and put on the tabletops, fill with flowers and hang on shepherd’s hooks or fill with petals for flower girls. Really fun.

pretty packaging takeaway boxes

Staying with the containers, the classic Chinese takeaway boxes can be handy for anything. Let your guests take home cake, for the sweets table again, favours and gifts, even fill with necessities in the ladies.

pretty packaging colored sacks

These are little burlap sacks. I love them and burlap is all over the place these days but look at these colours!  My first thought of use is that I’d love to pop them over a jar and fill with flowers. How cute would that be? Little burlap sacks were full of flowers.

cello wrapping pretty packaging

Of course, they do cello bags too and my fave was this one with little love hearts.

I also do a lot of welcome bags for my weddings. If your guests have travelled far and wide to get to your wedding it’s nice for them to find a little goodie bag in their rooms when they arrive. So I am always looking for nice bags, coloured or stylish bags to use other than your standard brown paper {though that suits for a lot of them these days being quite rustic on their own} but how about some of these

pretty packaging colored bags

Colourful fabric tote bags to fill with goodies! A real gift as your guests can use them again and again.

Need something lighter on the budget?

pretty packaging pastel paper bags

Pastel paper bags can do the job too.

pretty packaging gingham paper bags

Backyard, BBQ or picnic wedding and day after parties may suit to use one of these gingham bags.

Tie them all up with coloured raffia,  bakers twine or burlap string and your Uncle Bob is happy.

And finally,

gingham paper bags fish and chips bags

finish them off with their fish and chips in these vintage newspaper printed bags.

One last thing to show you. Might be cool for your hen party but these animal print tie bags I’m sure will have their use somewhere!


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