Presenting The Ring

Will you marry me?



Last weekend I met a couple who got engaged the day before at the top of a mountain. Quite romantic except that they were there doing the hike with about 40 people. But still, she said yes and they were understandably very happy. I told him I noticed the sparkle on her finger, the sign of a new engagement and he confided that the ring was a fake. **gasp** A cubic zirconia set in silver that was cheap as chips he boasted. **double gasp**

He went on to explain that he did this for two reasons. Firstly he was very wary of choosing this ever-important piece of forever jewelry on his own {albeit with her sister’s help for the zirconia} and secondly because he didn’t want to be hiking up a mountain with about 3 ½ grands worth of ring in his pocket. So he purchased the cheap presentable ring for the actual proposal and will take her for a day out to choose her own later. Ok. Fair enough.

The relief from me was enormous and thinking about it I suppose it makes sense but I went on to wonder if I would be confused or happy with this idea. My beloved down on one knee, presenting me with a ring that wasn’t going to be mine forever and was indeed cheap as chips. Would this ruin your buzz? Don’t get me wrong, I chose my own ring and wouldn’t have had it any other way so maybe that wasn’t the most romantic way either, but I want to know what you think about this. Smart? Confusing? Brilliant idea? Perfectly acceptable? I’m on the fence with this one. Comment below because I’d really love to hear it!

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