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Before you read this post I want to start by saying that it is not a vent. It could easily turn into one, but I am a calm and composed person who will simply address the issues. ” And if you read the passion in the words it is because I am passionate about what I do. So here we go?”.

I love the comments you see from future brides on the wedding forums about wedding planners.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now, not everyone wants a wedding planner. That is fine. But don’t let a preconceived notion, advice from someone who thinks she doesn’t need one, or your budget dictate whether or not you have one. If you think you need help or you absolutely do need help, then consult {for free} with one and see how she can help you and fit it into your budget.

I have addressed some of the comments on a few of the forums {again in a calm and composed manner} but that certainly will not convince everyone. My aim with the comments is just to educate a little. Just a little. One bride at a time. An open mind is a wonderful thing!

I’ll replay them for you here and follow with my rebuttals {as polite as I can muster}:

Point 1) ‘O come on now, should you let someone you haven`t met at all to plan your wedding!’

A wedding planner will be diligent in getting to know you, your fiancé and your families. If you don’t feel that she ‘gets’ you, don’t hire her.

Point 2) ‘I want to do everything by myself and go through every detail… That’s the kind of person I am. If you have family there to help then I wouldn’t even bother wasting your money!’

A wedding planner will go through everything with you, and make sure you haven?t missed anything because you will have a lot on your mind and have never done this before. A Planner knows how long everything will take to get done, moved or set up. I have done these hundreds of times. You probably have not. And don’t you want your family to enjoy the day too? I can’t tell you the number of Bridesmaids and mothers of the bride that have thanked me for saying they just couldn’t have done it along with everything else going on.

Point 3) {I love this one!} ‘You should use these forums as a wedding planning service, put out feelers for what you are looking for at a particular time and you will get lots of helpful replies from other brides’ and  ‘you will have no need for a wedding planner once you are on here, the girls are full of great tips & info

{I love this one! & I know I said that already} A Wedding Planner does sooooo much more than source service providers. Will other brides deliver your welcome pack? Drop your gown off to be steamed? Direct guests to dinner, the bar, take coats, cue your wedding music, tell the driver to wait that there are 3 more to get on the bus, liaise with all of your suppliers on arrival times and set up/takedown. Find a replacement musician when yours is sick. Gather family members {that she has gotten to know so well} for photos, tell the venue you need 15 more minutes before they call for dinner. Distribute final vendor payments so they are not chasing you for money while you are dancing. Ooh and believe me, there is more.

Point 4) ‘TBH I’m not sure that a co-ordinator would do more than I’ve done, she/he might have more contacts but with the internet, everything can be searched for.’

Yes, but we will take the time to do that. Also, see above again. You can do all of that. In your wedding gown. Holding your flowers. That will be attractive. {see photo above}

Point 5) If you pick good professional suppliers your workload will be considerably reduced,?

Absolutely! Because I’m sure you hired {and paid for} the best suppliers in the business. But can I tell you something? They don’t want to coordinate your wedding. And I have spoken to suppliers about this, they have their own jobs to do. Jobs that you hired them for.

Point 6) ‘Don’t you trust the Venue coordinator’

Do trust your venue coordinator but remember she works for the venue. NOT for you. She does what is most cost-effective and easiest for the venue. She won’t suggest something out of the ordinary to make your wedding different and unique to you. She wants to do the same ole same ole as they always do. In fact, I bet she gave you the recommended suppliers list and you got the same suppliers doing the same thing at the same venue as did the last 10 weddings there.

So there they are. I hope at least one bride to be read this. Because I can go on and on and on about what a Wedding Planner and Coordinator will do but unfortunately most brides only realize this when it is too late. So my final advice? Go talk to a Wedding Planner. Just see how it feels.

Thanks for that.!

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